Population of Sayanogorsk and its employment


Sayanogorsk is one of the cities of the Republic of Khakassia. The population of Sayanogorsk is 47983 people. It is the third largest and largest city in Khakassia. This settlement is located on the bank of the Yenisei River, at a distance of 80 km from Abakan. All this is the southern part of Eastern Siberia. The border of the Republic of Mongolia passes in comparative proximity.


Geographical features

The city of Sayanogorsk is located in the zone of the South Siberian steppes, and some areas in the mountain taiga zone. Local time is 4 hours ahead of Moscow. The climate is continental, dry. It is typical for large daily and seasonal temperature changes. Rainfall for the year falls only 250-300 mm. Most of them are in the warm season. In July, the average temperature is +18.6 ˚С, and in January - -17 С.


Sayanogorsk history

The city was young and appeared on the map of 6.11.1975. The reason for the construction was the construction of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP and two plants for the production of aluminum. In fact, Sayanogorsk was formed from former workers' settlements. This was the cause (and consequence) of the rapid growth of the population of the city.

Population of Sayanogorsk

The dynamics of the number of residents in general is similar to that in other Russian cities. The population of Sayanogorsk grew rapidly since 1980, from about 22, 000 to 56, 000 people in 1996. Before that, growth was slower. In 1959, the population was 4, 600 people. However, the crisis of the 90s, albeit with a considerable delay, reached these places. The population began to decrease and reached a minimum in 2017 (47, 983 people). The decline is rather slow. Therefore, in demographic terms, the city is not threatened yet.


In 2017, Sayanogorsk was in 336th place in terms of the number of residents among other cities of the Russian Federation.

The population of the city lives in 10 neighborhoods. It offers residents of 9 schools, 1 lyceum, 2 technical schools and one technological institute.

There is a ski resort, a sports and recreation center, a dispensary.

The population density in Sayanogorsk is 2542 people / km 2 . Such nationalities as Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, and Khakas prevail.

Transportation system

For the implementation of rail transport created 2 stations, however, they are used to transport cargo. For the population, there is only one diesel train route that connects the city and the aluminum plant.

There is also a bus station, from where buses depart to Abakan, Krasnoyarsk, Novonikolaevka, Novotroitsky, Sabinka, Shushensky and Abazu. In the city ply public buses and taxis.



The main attractions of the city are:

  1. Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. This is a hydroelectric power station known all over Russia, which was built in 1961. The dam length is 1074 meters, height - 245 m, and radius - 600 m. The station experienced a serious accident in 2009, after which it was restored for five years, and now it is fully functional.
  2. Reservoir Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station. This water storage began to fill in the early 80s of the twentieth century. Its total length is 312 km. Now it is a popular holiday destination for citizens, which can have a positive effect on demographic indicators.
  3. Museum of Local History. This institution opened in 1999. Collections include almost 30, 000 items.

Social protection of the population

The social protection service in Sayanogorsk has existed since 1992. After 4 years she was retrained in the Department of Social Protection of Population (DSS). In 2005, it was transformed into the Sayanogorsk Department of Social Support.


The service carries out the implementation of obligations specified in the legislation of the Russian Federation for the social protection of citizens. This department oversees issues such as the payment of social benefits, the provision of benefits for utility services, the payment of child benefits, subsidies, the provision of social services, and the provision of recreational and recreational services for children.

Employment Center

The Employment Center of the Republic of Khakassia (that is, the Sayanogorsk Employment Service) has its own Internet portal that hosts official contact information. The center has a postcode 655603, address: Khakassia, Sayanogorsk, Sovetsky microdistrict, 2. It works from 8 am to 5 pm. Weekends: Saturday, Sunday.

The website of the Employment Center of Sayanogorsk contains the current telephone, fax, long-distance code and e-mail.


Center vacancies are socially oriented: a doctor, a salesman, a customer call operator, a programmer, an education worker. The prevailing level of salaries is 20-25 000 rubles. (maximum range: from 15 to 80 thousand rubles.). Most of all, doctors of various specialties and telephone calllers are required.

Thus, Sayanogorsk as a whole repeats the history of many Russian cities with the flourishing of the Soviet mountains, a sharp decline in the 90s and a gradual decline over the next two decades. The peak number here is slightly shifted forward - to the mid-90s, while in many other cities it falls on their beginning.

Relatively stable demographic indicators indicate acceptable living conditions and sufficient job security for the population. There is a support service for the population of Sayanogorsk and a city employment center. Salaries, judging by the vacancies of employers, are acceptable by Russian standards. However, the vacancies themselves are far from being enjoyed by everyone. Workers in the latter were found. Most doctors are required, which is typical for other Russian cities. In second place in terms of frequency - offers to work with clients.

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