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The population of Kaspiysk today is 116, 340 people. This city is located in the Republic of Dagestan, part of the urban district of the same name. The settlement was included by the Russian government in the list of single-industry towns, the social and economic situation in which causes serious concern.

City `s history


The population of Caspian grew almost throughout the history of the city. This was the main feature of this locality.

The history of Kaspiysk is not rich. The first settlement on this site was formed only in the XX century. It was a settlement called Dvigatelstroy, founded in 1932.

Initially, the settlement appeared around the plant "Dagdiesel." This is the leading enterprise for the production of naval weapons, which played a significant role in the years of the Great Patriotic War, supplying the Red Army with ammunition.

In 1939, the village council appealed to the Supreme Council of the Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic with the initiative to transform the village into a city, giving it the name Stalinjurt. But this proposal was not supported by the majority of the council members.

Its present name Kaspiysk received only in 1947.

In 2017, an important event in the development of the city took place; the Russian Ministry of Defense decided to place the main base of the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy here. Immediately began the first phase of the construction of coastal infrastructure and residential buildings for the military. It is planned that this construction will be completed by 2019. Finally, the base should be broken by 2020.

Geographical position

Caspian can be called a resort city, because it is located on the very shore of the Caspian Sea. Just 14 km away is the railway station "Makhachkala". In fact, Kaspiisk is a satellite city of the capital of Dagestan.

Kaspiisk is included in the Makhachkala-Caspian agglomeration, being in it the largest satellite city.



The first data on the population of Kaspiisk appeared in 1939. Then there lived only 18 900 people. After that, the number grew steadily, for example, already in 1959 more than 25, 000 people lived here.

During the years of perestroika, the population of Kaspiisk reached 61, 000 people. In the 90s, unlike most other cities in Russia, there were no fewer residents. On the contrary, the population of the city of Kaspiisk constantly increased.

In 2010, there were more than 100, 000 inhabitants in Kaspiysk. At the moment, the population of the city of Kaspiisk is 116, 340.

National composition


Kaspiysk is considered one of the youngest and fastest growing cities located on the territory of Dagestan. Until the middle of the last century, Russians prevailed in the population of the town of Kaspiysk - there were about 65% of them.

But in recent years, due to the massive resettlement of mountain peoples to the plains, as well as in the face of declining growth in the share of the Russian population, the situation has changed radically. Now the population of Kaspiisk is a very diverse national composition, in which no nation prevails over the others.

According to the last census, in Kaspiysk a little more than 21% of Lezgins, about 20% of Dargins, 14% of Avars and Laks, almost 10% of Kumyk, 9% of Russians, and about 5% of Tabasaran. Also found in small amounts are aguls and rutuls.

Guests who are in Kaspiysk, leave mostly positive reviews, noting that here in many ways it is better than in Makhachkala, and even the beaches here are much better. So those who want to relax on the Caspian Sea often make a choice in favor of this locality.

Economy of Kaspiysk


The town-forming enterprise of Kaspiisk is the Dagdizel plant. This is a machine-building enterprise, around which a settlement was formed, which later grew up in this city. The plant is one of the largest and oldest industries in the entire Dagestan. It was founded in 1932. In Soviet times, was the leading enterprise for the production of torpedoes and diesel engines. In 2008, the plant underwent major changes - it entered a large domestic concern called “Sea Underwater Weapon - Hydropribor”.

At the moment, the company specializes in the production of marine underwater weapons (used on the navy), diesel engines, diesel power stations not only marine, but also land, also produces fittings, systems for air conditioning and ventilation on ships, vessels and ships.

There are several lines at the plant for air conditioning and ventilation systems, which are used on construction, agricultural machines and food facilities. Dagdiesel produces high-pressure piston pumps, machining, tooling and forging production are opened.

Another large industrial enterprise in Kaspiysk is a precision mechanics factory, founded in 1960. This is also a machine-building enterprise.

The city's attractions

Of course, the main attraction of this city is the Caspian Sea. It is here the first thing lead all the tourists. It may still be quite interesting to observe the military facilities of the Navy, which often perform maneuvers in close proximity to the coast of the city.

The Caspian coast is sandy, covered with broken shells, the beach smoothly passes into the sea, the approach is very convenient, so it is a pleasure to swim here. The healing sea air is felt not only on the beach, but in the whole city, they say that asthmatics here do not even need an inhaler, as the sea breeze is felt so strongly here.

In Kaspiysk, everyone is advised to take a rest in the aquapark called "Aqualand", working under the open sky. True, it works only in the swimming season. There are many slides in it, which will be interesting to ride and adults and children. On the territory of the water park is open cafe.


There is another amazing sight in the Caspian Sea itself - it is a half-destroyed workshop of the city-forming Dagdizel plant. People call it the castle of Queen Tamara. This building, which is currently not in use, was built in the middle of the sea to test torpedoes.

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